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The SMARTEST way to make plant based Japanese cooking part of your routine 

Curious about plant based Japanese cooking?

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As you’re sitting there reading this...

Perhaps you've recently decided it's time for a change.

You're tired of the status quo and you know you need to BE healthier by cooking more often and especially foods with more vegetables and less meat.

Or perhaps, you’re already on that path...

And you need someone to talk to for guidance and support. Or more alternatively, a system, and one that happens to focus on plant based Japanese cooking.

If either of those apply to you, yatta! 🙌🙌(やった!good news!)

The Japanese cooking club is the SMARTEST way to help you get what you're looking for, today! 🤪


What is the Japanese cooking club?

The Japanese cooking club membership is designed to EMPOWER curious home cooks like you to make plant based Japanese food a delicious success THE FIRST TIME.

You'll get exclusive access to short cooking video lessons that show you EXACTLY how each dish can be made quickly and efficiently.

And, so you can enjoy the refinedumami packed flavors and aromas Japanese cuisine is known for WITHOUT having to travel hours across the ocean to get there! ❌✈


And let me ask you-  

Have you ever felt the feeling of satisfaction or accomplishment, like when the last dish you cooked  turned out the way you wanted or EVEN BETTER than you expected? 🤔

Just imagine...

Having those feelings again and again, after each Japanese dish that you made in your own kitchen, with your own hands!

And if you cook for others, imagine how it’ll feel when you start getting compliments from your friends and family, over and over again

Because YOU made something that not only tasted good, but was healthy and simple to make!

And keep imagining 😛

how that'll continue to inspire and motivate you to cook plant based Japanese foods

And more importantly, help you achieve and experience the home made Japanese foods you’d always dreamed of!

How would that feel? 

Pretty good wouldn't it!?🤭


And because this is not a cooking class or school...

you’ll have the opportunity to connect with other home cooks

Who’ve also committed to plant based Japanese foods and can help you with their experiences and insight

so you'll never get stuck!

EVEN IF you're completely new to plant based japanese cooking! 


What you get with your Japanese Cooking Club membership-

Monthly Core Video Lessons

So that you can focus on one thing at one time, without feeling overwhelmed or confused. In June, we focused primarily on dashi, one of the key ingredients for many Japanese dishes. Over the next few months, we'll continue to explore miso, shiokoji and other key ingredients used in Japanese cuisine.

(click for sample 2020 plan)


Monthly Recipes with Action Plans

So that you retain and get to practice your new skills and apply your knowledge. You'll get 3 recipes centered around the ingredient of the month. Plus, an action plan to help guide you and build your confidence in the kitchen.

Monthly Activities

So that you stay incentivized to cook and practice! if it takes a little friendly competition, a cooking challenge, or the chance to win some prizes, so be it! 

Japanese recipe library

Your one stop shop for Japanese recipes and inspiration. Over 100+ different dishes - ranging from sides, to main courses, and desserts. A good mix of both traditional and contemporary Japanese dishes. You may never need to look anywhere else for your Japanese cooking inspiration or for that matter, get bored or feel uninspired!

The reason this is a CLUB and not a course or a cooking class-

is that it's a community and we're all here to support and learn from each other. I believe that we are  BETTER TO-GETHER.

As a Club, we'll be getting to know each other more and more and help each other along our journey through life while cooking a LOT of super tasty Japanese food! 

What members have said about Pat and the cooking club!

Could you be the next case study?

When I found the Japanese cooking club I was inspired by zen cuisine "Shojin ryori". I loved searching for pictures and vegan recipes of this kind of cooking. Then on Instagram I found Pat, I was delighted by the way he taught japanese food, so, here I am. Happy, eager to learn but without much time. My life now is more rich, more fun because, I try to cook japanese food every Saturday to please my family.  - Erendira Gomora
"Joining this group motivated me to cook more Japanese food. Seeing other members accomplishments are the greatest encouragement to me!
I grew up in Japan and Have cooked and eaten a lot of Japanese food but Pat has introduced me to ingredients I have not tried or used in my cooking and broaden my knowledge! And lots of new recipes to go with the ingredients is really great!—Miki Johnson
"The cooking experiences I have had opened doors I did not even know were there! I never anticipated that we would love the food and these new flavors this much. Seriously, where has miso soup, shio koji, and goma-ae, to name but a few, been all my life?
Keep in mind, I was not looking for lessons in Japanese cooking. Through an odd chain of events, I ran into Patrick Tokuyama online and took his course on soymilk and tofu. What I liked right away was that he got down to specifics with his instructions, letting you know why doing something in a particular way produced better results. You got a lot of concise information in a short amount of time. My schedule is tight. I really appreciated his clear approach that respected my time as a learner and did not drag out a 15 minute lesson for an hour.
What caught my attention when I heard Patrick talk about the Japanese Cooking Club was that it would be primarily plant-based. We have lived a whole food, plant-based life for over 5 years. For me, the emphasis on plant-based was important. To be honest, I knew next to nothing about Japanese cuisine before I started. However, I was intrigued by the possibility of what new ideas I might encounter precisely because I had no preconceived notions. I rapidly discovered that right from the start, the lessons introduced our household to many new favorites. In fact, what we are eating is around 50% from the recipes in the Japanese Cooking Club with the remaining 50% being my variations on those recipes or experiments taking those same ingredients and combining them with other foods to create something new. We aren’t the only ones who like what we are making. Friends have been equally enthusiastic about the taste tests with the new foods. The recipes are not complicated but the results are delicious.
The other people in the online environment for the Japanese Cooking Club are pleasant and supportive of efforts. If there is an ingredient you want to change out for some reason, adaptations are simple. Patrick is accessible for questions as are other members of the group.
Joining was a good decision for our household!"— Jane Madden

Frequently Asked Questions


The Japanese Cooking Club and Pat's other cooking programs are for smart and curious home cooks who are serious about making simple and authentic Japanese meals at home.

I designed these offerings for foodies who love to cook and eat. And most importantly, people who take full responsibility for their life and choose to put in the work to grow their knowledge and skills.

If you're looking for a structured and organized way to learn about Japanese cooking, with up-to-date tips, a supportive network and accountability with community, this is for you! 

If you're not willing to put in the work and apply the valuable information, my programs may not be the best fit for you.

I do my best to fill the lessons with valuable information, and strive to encourage ACTION.

We set and share MONTHLY goals and encourage each other to stay accountable.

If you're a strict vegan who does not wish to eat ANY animal products, unfortunately my programs are probably not the best fit for you.

As you may know, meat and especially fish play a common role in the Japanese diet.

And though the emphasis will be on meatless dishes, i cannot guarantee this as a vegan cooking club because it's part of my heritage, I will not ever eliminate them completely from my diet or cooking programs.

I believe a healthy diet is one that is balanced and can include all things in moderation.

I wasn’t a good cook when I first started. And if that’s how you feel, it doesn’t mean you can’t learn. I’ll teach you Japanese skills and techniques that you can apply to other non-Japanese cuisines as well.

And what better way to learn, than by surrounding yourself by like-minded people who will support you in your journey?

I care deeply about lifelong learning, and demonstrate that by example. Always reading and always trying and testing new things, especially in the kitchen. So that you can learn quicker, with less stress and less disappointment! 

I also love to help people, and my goal here is to help you succeed.

I'm not the type of person who's  going to sell you something, and not show up for you.

When you invest in my offerings, you'll get quality video lessons AND regular check-ins from me personally plus, you'll be connected to a group of like-minded Japanese food loving home cooks just like you! 

Cooking courses and classes are usually one time deals and don't have a community built in.

Nor do they have fun activities and the opportunity to show off your food and get the support you need, after the fact.

Plus, because I believe there's always room for improvement, I'll be regularly asking you for feedback on what I can do to make it a better experience for you. 

And like I said earlier, this is a community and there will be plenty of opportunity to interact with, learn from and support each other!

Yes, login details will be provided via email and you'll get immediate access to everything starting the following Monday.

  • If you purchase the Japanese Cooking Club membership, it will be updated each month with video lessons, recipes, and fun activities like winning prizes.
  • If you purchase Tofu Ryouri Online 2018, you'll get 30 video cooking lessons and recipes centered around Japanese tofu
  • If you purchase Tofu Ryouri Online 2019, you'll get 24 video cooking lessons and recipes centered around Japanese tofu 
  • If you purchase the Soy workshop you'll get- 10 lessons which generally takes 3-5 days to complete. 
  • If you purchase the otsukemono workshop you'll get - 10 lessons which generally takes 3-5 days to complete. 
  • If you purchase the soba workshop you'll get - 10 lessons which generally takes 3-5 days to complete. 

Japanese cooking club will include at least 3 core video cooking lesson each month and 3 new dishes to apply your new knowledge. 

Tofu Ryouri 2018 has 30 video cooking lessons and recipes

Tofu Ryouri 2019 has 24 video cooking lessons and recipes.

The Soy milk workshop has 10 core video cooking lessons and recipes.

The Otsukemono workshop has 10 core video cooking lessons and recipes..

Yes, if the club is not your cup of tea, you can also purchase the other programs separately in the store.

you don't have to do anything you want to.

and i get it, not everyone uses facebook... 

to give you some stats - over the past year, roughly 31% of members have opted to not join the community. 

though it's recommended, if you feel like you can cook and learn independently more power to you!

you know what's right for you and that's what you should do! :)

Yes, you can access the materials using your smartphone or tablet when connected to the internet.

After the deadline the doors close and I'll be moving my energy and attention to those who've decided to invest in themselves by joining the Japanese Cooking Club.

If you happen to miss your opportunity this January, I’ll have a waitlist setup where you can sign up to get notified next time the doors open 

I 100% stand behind my training programs and the Japanese Cooking Club and know they help people like you get the results you want.

if for some reason you're not 100% satisfied, email me within 30 days of purchase for monthly plan or 90 days for the annual plans and I'll promptly issue you a 100% refund. 

You'll retain your access for the remainder of your billing period (30 days from the date of purchase).


  1. send me an email [email protected]
  2. use the chat box in the bottom right 

About the Japanese Cooking Club

The Japanese Cooking Club was created to help you eat differently. To empower you to make better eating decisions and most of all help you live HEALTHIER and LONGER along with those around you, like a ripple effect
This is a community. It’s not a cooking class or a course. It could be as intense or as relaxed as want it to be – like anything in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. You’ll be exposed to new people, new perspectives, new ideas and new challenges. Not to mention new flavors, new aromas, new textures of an ever growing library of plant based Japanese food.
We’ve been running the Japanese cooking club for just over six months and are already reaching people overseas with a goal of 30+ countries by the end of 2020.
Instead of simply giving you access to information (e.g. recipes, where there’s no need because they’re everywhere) or worse, leaving you all on your own. We focus on specific topics so you can gradually build your skills and knowledge, systematically. And, I check in on each and every one of you on a regular basis! So that – by your 9th or 10th month, you’ll notice you’re more comfortable, more knowledgeable, more skilled, more efficient, and more motivated to cook in the kitchen, more than you ever thought possible!
This cooking club isn’t for everybody. It was never meant to be.
Because the type of people I attract are only a few. People like you, who’re ready to make their health a priority and commit to doing so despite their circumstances. People like you, who take responsibility for the food you eat and aren’t afraid to go against the status quo, what’s popular today, what MOST people do. Because what MOST people don’t know or choose to IGNORE is that eating plant foods today is a simple and easy way to avoid prescriptions tomorrow.
And knowing that, you already know what it takes, you have the power to protect your health, that’s your natural birthright, and especially the health of the people you love. And what better way, than to accomplish that together, with like-minded people, on the same path as you, with same goals as you, who are committed as much as you are, in making this change fit your lifestyle.
And if you’re anything like me and the club members, you’ll make the time the time to share the journey, the struggles, the wins and push yourself even harder to be the change that they want to see in the world. Because when you share what you’ve cooked, the journey that you’ve taken, that’s proof for someone, that they too can do it, and will follow in your footsteps. That’s the ripple effect.
And that’s what this club is about – showing you what’s possible, empowering you to live a healthier life, so you can enjoy the things you love doing as you continue on your journey on this little Earth.
I hope you’ll join us
see you on the inside

Curious about plant based Japanese cooking?

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