Plant Based Japanese Cooking Mini Course - You're just one dish away...

Join our BRAND NEW mini course to learn about the benefits of plant based foods. And practice what you learn by cooking SIMPLE and DELICIOUS plant based Japanese food!

As you complete this mini training series, you may be surprised to discover that Japanese food doesn't require fish or meat.

And that it doesn't cost you an arm or a leg (lots of money).

And most importantly, you can enjoy homemade Japanese food WITHOUT sacrificing FLAVOR or FUN!

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PLUS you'll even get a few recipes from my new Getting Started with Plant Based Japanese Foods Cookbook. How about that?😉

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What is plant based?

Why plant based?

BUSTING plant based myths/misconceptions 

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Module 2 

What is plant based Japanese food?

The ONE and ONLY recipe you'll ever need

3 Japanese cooking secrets to make your food taste better


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Module 3 

Why MOST people continue to struggle

the TRUTH about your health

The missing ingredient

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