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Meet Pat Tokuyama!

Pat Tokuyama is a tofu enthusiast, who also happens to roast coffee and travels the world for music, surf and adventure. 

In 2016, he established All day i eat like a shark to share his love for healthy cooking and travel. Being impacted by the books he had read, he decided in mid-2018 to write his own book on Japanese tofu - Tofu Ryouri - Simple Japanese Tofu Recipes to Cook Healthier at Home. This was his way of helping others discover the wonderful world of Japanese tofu.

Pat continues to regularly create videos and share his love of Japanese cuisine. With weekly recipes, he makes Japanese food simple and accessible for other home cooks and foodies to recreate in their own home. 

When Pat isn't working, he can be found backpacking (or dreaming of it). What's backpacking you ask? Simply said, backpacking is carrying a bunch of stuff in a backpack and walking off in the wilderness until you're too tired to carry it.

Sometimes he takes his fishing pole and tries his luck in the lake. No sharks there, but sometimes no fish either. At least that bite. But there are bears.

But unlike sharks, bears don't eat all day, now do they?

Just in case, he carries a small bottle of honey to distract the bears in case of an encounter. Why the honey?


Bears love honey. Just ask Winnie the Pooh.

kidding :)


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